Project Description

We offer services from the teaching professionals to young people allowing disability to be included in every aspect of education and we provide the foundation of inclusion, accessibility within an educational environment. 

How we can support the next generation of  teachers and pupils

We offer wide range of courses to new and existing teachers to support and develop confidence, knowledge and skills
for those who are working with pupils with disabilities or need extra support in
lessons and Physical Education (PE).

Sessions for Teachers

Disability Awareness for Sport Specialist Teachers

School sport plays an important role in a disabled person’s health and well-being and can provide a level playing field for them and their peers. Using Sport Inclusion Spectrum model, we provide a course for new and existing PE teachers to increase their knowledge, build confidence and develop strategies and opportunities for a disabled pupil to take part in sport.

Disability Awareness for Teachers

More disabled children are in mainstream schools, wanting to experience the same as their peers, but sometimes this is not always the case due to lack of understanding or opportunities. Ability Consultancy (NW) Ltd has developed a course for teachers focusing on this area of need.

Generic Disability Awareness

The session will provide knowledge and experiences to teachers of all the different types of disability, both physical and mental. The course will also simulate some of the challenges that their pupils might experience.

Sport Inclusion Model Made Simple

The course is designed to provide an introduction to the Sport Inclusion model and what it means for teachers. Understanding practical elements of the model and putting it into practice. This includes,

  • What are the barriers to disabled people taking part in sport
  • External factors affecting participation
  • The STEP model explained
  • The Inclusion Spectrum and examples

Adapting PE to Encourage and Engage Everyone

This session looks at introducing adaptions in your lessons, the key things to consider and practical examples and hints and tips from people in the know.

Bespoke Sessions

We work with individual schools and pupils to encourage and develop fully integrated sessions.
We can attend school or place of teaching and support the teacher and the students with extra needs to adapt and take part in the sport session. This will include a pre-meeting and follow up session if needed. The sport / activity could be any PE based activity, swimming or non-traditional sports

Sessions for Pupils

Disability Awareness Assemblies

Introducing disability with personal example and breaking down the stigma of a disabled person, and to identify how the actions of people can cause issues for the disabled person.

Diversity Versus Inclusivity and Discrimination
(aimed at aged 14+)

Providing young people with knowledge and understanding of social inclusion, diversity and discrimination and what these mean and how they can play a part in this in their community and society. Provide young people with the understanding so they can take responsibility to how they look at and treat different people and groups in an ever changing society.

Disability Awareness (for Primary age)

Introducing  Disability Awareness and to provide knowledge and experiences of all the different types of disability, both physical and mental.

Disability Awareness (for Secondary age)

Providing knowledge and experiences of all the different types of disability both physical and mental. Break down the barriers of disability and provide pupils with practical hands-on experiences.


Practical Sessions

A practical session looking at all  basic equipment for general sport sessions, alterations to sport specific equipment to support the inclusion of everyone in PE and sports sessions

How to adapt your warm up and cool down sessions including practical examples of what to include and how to adapt a traditional warm up and cool down session

Top tips on how to engage, motivate and include disabled participants that have been tried and tested by disabled people

Sport Specific adaptations, looking at bespoke adaptions to ensure the sport session is fully accessible and achieves the same outcomes and gives the same opportunities to both disabled and able bodied participants.

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