We are committed to supporting businesses to ensure they have everything in place to be compliant with the Equality Act 2010. We support any business or organisation to enable them to meet the needs of their employees, current and future clients and customers. 

We support businesses and organisations in a way that means they can continue to grow, develop and be seen as fully inclusive, accessible and compliant as well as increasing their visibility in their sector. 

A Summary of our Courses

Equality and Diversity

A full day course detailing what Equality and Diversity is. This course is ideal for any organisation’s Equality and Diversity working group, HR and policymakers.

The course will provide you with the tools to develop your own Equality and Diversity company action plan.

Disability Awareness

This 2.5hr accredited course provides knowledge and experience to employees, equality and diversity groups and HR professionals about disability.

This interactive course provides lived experiences from the deliverers and brings disability to life using disability simulation equipment allowing the participants to experience disability first hand.

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Introduction to the Equality Act 2010

This introductory course will assist organisations in their understanding and implementation of the Equality Act 2010. This informal session allows organisations to see where they are and where they want to be. This includes national support programmes that assist organisations to have a diverse and highly skilled workforce. 

Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Neurological Disabilities Awareness 

A two-hour course introducing employers and businesses to Cerebral Palsy and neurological conditions. 

This session is delivered by deliverers with a neurological disability, who will share their experiences of living with a disability including day to day struggles that others may take for granted. The deliverers provide an open and honest account, allowing organisations to consider how they support any employee or customer with this type of disability or impairment. 

Staff Audit – Do your employees have an understanding of Equality & Diversity and Disability?

Undertake a full audit of staff via a mystery shopper visit if you are a product or service provider or through informal chats, surveys and review of their training history. 
This will allow us to produce a report including a Training Needs Analysis and recommendations to support businesses and organisations to grow and ensure their staff are meeting the needs of the business and their customers. 

Company Inclusivity and Accessibility SWOT Analysis 

We will undertake a full SWOT analysis for organisations on the services or products they offer. This will allow the organisation to draw up a plan to move towards a fully inclusive and accessible organisation that is open and available to all. 

Excellent – will help develop our E&D work thank you

HR LEAD, Lancashire Business

Excellent and informative Disability Awareness Session – Practical element was amazing but eye-opening 

Equality And Diversity Lead, Housing Association

Bespoke Services

We have bespoke support available to meet your requirements 

Bespoke support to the organisation’s Equality and Diversity or  HR leads to deliver a series of diversity days.  It could be a simple lunchtime awareness session on a specific area or a series of events over a longer period. 

Prepare and deliver a series of motivational and awareness talks for company employees. The deliverers share lived experiences and talk about how your organisation can help them in society. Sessions will provide employees with an insight into some struggles, and successes,  the wide diverse community around them and how they can support each other.