We  are committed to supporting community and charitable organisations to ensure they are accessible and inclusive to everyone no matter of their ability or disability. 

Community organisations play a significant and important role within their communities and to their members.  We are committed to supporting these organisations to ensure they offer a first-class service to current and future members as well as the community and society they operate in.  

Services for Third Sector and Community Organisations 

Disability Awareness

This 2.5hr accredited course provides knowledge, confidence and experience to committee members, coaches and volunteers around the topic of disability.

This interactive course uses lived experiences from the deliverers to bring disability to life, while providing an insight to the importance of adaption and inclusivity in a community organisation. The course is combination of theory and practical which allows disability to be experienced by all using disability simulation equipment.

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Diversity Inclusion and Discrimination

This interactive session provides people with knowledge and understanding of social inclusion, diversity and discrimination, what these mean and how a community organisation can play a part in this within their community and society. The session is fun, interactive and will support people to understand how diverse their community could be and what is their responsibility to ensure that what they provide supports everyone in society. 

Cerebral Palsy (CP) And Neurological Disabilities Awareness 

A two-hour course introducing employers and businesses to Cerebral Palsy and neurological conditions. 

This session is delivered by deliverers with a neurological disability, who will share their experiences of living with a disability including day to day struggles that others may take for granted. The deliverers provide an open and honest account, allowing organisations to consider how they support any employee or customer with this type of disability or impairment. 

Equality Act, Are You Complying?

This 2hr course breaks down the Equality Act 2010 and what it may mean to a community club. The session covers what the Equality Act is, why it is important to a community organisation and what are the implications for a community organisation. 

The session will support community organisations to ensure they are compliant and assists them by introducing policies and good practices. 

Introduction To The Equality Act 2010

This introductory course will assist organisations in their understanding and how to implementation of the Equality Act 2010. This informal session allows organisations to see where they are and where they want to be. This includes developing an equality plan detailing how the community organisation is supporting a diverse society. 

Bespoke Support To All Organisations 

Reviewing Your Current Programmes  

This bespoke service to your organisation will include a full audit and review of your current programmes and services to ensure you are delivering an inclusive service. 

The session will include a full delivery review including structure, session plans,  adaptations and the overall delivery. The organisation will receive a personalised report and plan to support the organisation to continue to provide a high-level service to all no matter of their needs. The report will include a SWOT analysis to assist the ongoing development of the club/organisation


Development Of Structured Programme For Community Organisations 

Prepare and manage the development of bespoke structured programmes / organisational support development plans focusing on ensuring that the inclusivity agenda is met and everyone is confident to deliver and is fully supportive of the programme.

Staff and Volunteer Skills Audit 

We will undertake a full staff or volunteer coaches audit to establish the gaps in knowledge or skills.  This will include undertaking a full audit of delivered sessions, review and evaluate the session plans and the actual outcomes of sessions. We will provide the organisation and club with a personalised report including a Training Needs Analysis and recommendations for the organisation and the individual, providing suggestions to develop skills, experience and knowledge. 

1:1 Mentoring For staff / Volunteers

Face to face mentoring for volunteers based on an individual volunteer or organisational need. This could be specific or generic mentoring with the identification of other development opportunities.

Virtual / email mentoring available, the option of mentee led support is also available.



Very Informative and really engaging – I learnt so much about Para Sport and inclusion thank you!

Sports Coach , North West Sports Club

Very educational & helpful. Claire was amazing  very knowledgeable and  friendly

PE Teacher , High School, Manchester

Additional  Services

Details of other services Ability Consultancy can provide to sport clubs

This 3hr  course provides an introduction to the Sport Inclusion Model, supporting teachers to be inclusive and ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to be active.  The session develops an understanding of the practical elements of the model and allows teachers to put what they learn into practice. This session includes;

  • What are the barriers to disabled people taking part in sport
  • External factors affecting participation
  • The STEP model explained
  • The Inclusion Spectrum and examples

We all know that finding alternative ways to do something is never simple and can be very daunting and frustrating.  Using our 20 years of experience as a para coach spanning numerous different sports, we can support teachers to adapt and develop their sessions.  We share our successes and things that did not work so well, to enable you to develop the best lesson possible.  This session explains the key things to consider and provides you with practical examples, equipment, hints and tips from people in the know.

How to adapt warm-up and cool-down sessions including practical examples of what to include and how to adapt a traditional warm-up and cool-down session.

A 2hr session introducing the structure of Para-Sport in the UK, introducing the pathway of Para-Sport from Grassroots through to Paralympic Games. We look at the pathways for impairment groups that are not included in the Paralympic movement. 

A brief introduction to what classification is and why it is important in Para-Sport. 

Sport-specific adaptations, looking at bespoke adaptions to ensure the sport session is fully accessible and achieves the same outcomes and gives the same opportunities to both disabled and able-bodied participants.

Top tips on how to engage, motivate and include disabled participants that have been tried and tested by disabled people.

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