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Ability Consultancy offers a range of workshops and development sessions for anyone wishing to develop their understanding of inclusivity and disability.

What we can offer

Ability Consultancy can offer a range of workshops and development sessions for anyone wishing to develop their understanding inclusivity and disability.  We have generic workshops but can personalise them to suit your needs. Each workshop is designed and delivered by disabled people giving an unique insight and experience.

Disability Awareness

This workshop is an introduction to disability – it covers  an introduction to disability, know the difference between a physical disability and a hidden disability, understand the correct terminology, understand the different types of disability, get hands on experience how a disability can affect day to day tasks, have basic knowledge of the Equality Act 2010 and know what Hate Crime is and how to report it.

This is a great interactive workshop for anyone who works or comes into contact with disabled people

Breaking down barriers 

This workshop addresses the barriers that people with a disability face when taking part in activity. It will provide first hand experiences and examples from disabled people about breaking these so your service and coaching can be as fully inclusive as possible.  The workshop will also cover communication providing you with correct terminology to use.

Simple adaptations for all sessions  

This generic session is aimed at all people involved in the organisation and delivery of sport and leisure sessions.  This workshop will identify and address the key areas of delivering sport  from the booking system, facilities, accessing the venue and then down to the more practical adaptations that may be needed within the sessions. Practical help of thinking outside the box to make sure possible problems are overcome at the first opportunity. 

Adapting your sessions and programmes 

This personalised workshop is tailored around a specific sport or session.  One of our consultants will come and watch a session and then tailor this workshop to suit your needs. If there are areas that you want to focus on please let us know and we are happy to focus on this.  This workshop will include a practical element so you can experience the adaptations first hand.  

Practical Hints and Tips 

This generic workshop will  provide you with “outside the box tips”. It  will address what equipment adaptations you might need and how to incorporate them in your session without making it harder for you or your participants.  There are many hints and tips that only Ability Consultancy consultants will know due to their tried and tested experiences in sport.  The  workshop will provide you with a chance  to try your adaptations sessions out and get personal feedback

Ability Consultancy can deliver several specific and personalised workshops such as guide running, seated throws, hockey, cricket, netball , tennis and basketball for all sessions. If you are interested in any of these please contact us and we will be able to advise on these workshops. 

Please note these will be delivered based on demand. 

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