Project Description

Clubs & Organisations

We are committed to supporting businesses to ensure they have everything in place to be compliant within the equality Act 2010 and they meet the needs of their employees, new and existing customers.

Advice for grant applications

Support and lead organisations to apply for funding, manage applications and ensure organisations demonstrate a fully inclusive service along with achieving the criteria for the grant

Review current inclusive programmes

Conduct a full delivery review on programmes and services currently delivered. This will include a full in-depth review of the structure, plan, adaptations, and delivery of the programme, resulting in a full evaluations report including recommendations

Review and evaluate coaches

Evaluate coaches during sessions that involve disabled people, review their strengths and weaknesses and prepare a skill / knowledge plan for coaches. Mentoring sessions are available

Complete a SWOT analysis

Undertake a full SWOT analysis for the club or organisation on the services and programmes that are offered, including all aspects of the club or organisation. This will allow the organisation to draw up a development plan to address the weaknesses and opportunities.


Equality Act made simple – are you complying?

Assisting organisations in understanding and implementing the Equality Act. An informal session giving clubs and organisations the core elements of the act and what it means in simple terms. Support for implementing the Act and training the staff on equality

Complete a Training Needs Analysis

Lead a programme of supporting the development of coaches, identifying and reviewing their strengths, weaknesses and their personal ambitions in terms of working in para sport or supporting para athletes. Identify key areas for their development along with bespoke mentoring for coaches

Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.

Luis Desalvo, CREO TECH

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Shelia McCourtney, ARCHITECT

More Services

Details of other services Ability Consultancy can provide to clubs and organisations are listed below

Specialised mentoring and support in areas of business development, planning and services to ensure that all that is being offered is fully inclusive. This could include development of services, adaptations of existing areas to expand the target audience

Prepare and manage the development of bespoke structured programmes / organisational support development plans for clubs, focusing on ensuring that the inclusivity agenda is met and everyone is confident to deliver and is fully supportive of the programme.

Face to face mentoring for coaches or organisations based on their personal needs. This could be specific, or generic mentoring with the identification of other development opportunities.
Skype / email mentoring, more generic option and the use of mentee led support.


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